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Lighting can transform your kitchen or indeed any room in your house

Modern lighting offers you a host of funky designs and can save you a lot of money too.

ADC are happy to advise you on all your lighting projects. Whether you are designing a new kitchen or simply updating a room.

Phone Charging Frustrations

Frustrated Lady

Frustrated when you can't find a USB port to top up you phone or someone else in the family is using it. Here is a neat solution. Why not get ADC to fit a few of these sockets around the house, especially in the kids bedrooms

USB Electrical Socket

Night Storage Heaters

Do you currently have night storage heaters as your main form of heating within your home? 
Do you find that when you get home from work the majority of that heat as gone?
Are you fed up with not being able to control that heat as and when you need it?
ADC Electrical can supply and fit new Fahro intelligent heaters that give you the full control of your heating when and where you want it! 
For free no obligation estimate call Roo at ADC Electrical now on 07919 542629


Modern Electric Heater
Old night storage heater
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